The Best Platforms for New Content Creators in 2024: Start Earning Now!


    With over 5 billion people use social media globally, people are always seeking entertainment, education, and inspiration – the very things you can offer as a creator. Think the market is saturated? Think again! We see an increase in the number of content creators but that is just a result of higher content consumption. The content creation space isn’t saturated, it’s just expanding in all directions. If you have a spark of creativity and a willingness to put yourself out there, there’s always a hungry audience waiting.

    Let’s get down to the essentials. In this guide, we’ll cover:

    Which Social Media Platform Pays Creators Best?

    Before we break down platforms by niche, let’s address the big question – where’s the money? “Getting likes is more fun when you can turn them into cold hard cash”- according to Linktree. While there’s no single answer, some platforms are currently known for their strong creator monetization programs:
    • YouTube: The OG of long-form video, YouTube offers monetization through ads, memberships, Super Chats, and merchandise sales. First-year earnings can reach $5,000/ year (highly variable depending on niche and viewership).  You can earn up to $20,000+/ year with established niche and brand collaborations after 2 years. For monetization, You need 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time in the past 12 months to join the YouTube Partner Program (YPP)
    • TikTok: Short-form video’s hottest star. Its Creator Fund offers payout potential from  $100 – $2,000 a year, especially for viral content. Brand deals can significantly increase income and success stories of breakout earners are common. After 2 years, a potential for earning $5,000 – $20,000 if you can keep the consistency. The Creator Fund eligibility often requires thousands of followers and consistent viral views, sounds hard? Not really, on Tiktok, a housewife, a farmer, a teenager or anyone can be viral. Welcome to the attention economy!
    • Direct-from-fan models: Platforms like Patreon, Substack, and Mighty Networks let you build a loyal following and charge for exclusive content or memberships, putting earning power in your hands. First-year earnings vary from $1,000 – $10,000+/ year, depending on your ability to attract paying members/subscribers. Good thing that you set your own pricing; less focus on specific view/follower counts.

    How To Choose Your Content Platform

    With so many platforms vying for your attention, picking the right place to showcase your creativity can feel overwhelming. But don’t worry! By considering these key factors, you’ll narrow down your options and find the platform best suited to your style and goals.
    What do you want to create? Does your ideal content format involve short videos, long articles, audio, or something else entirely? Does it lend itself to live streaming, static images, or a combination? Matching your content style to the platform’s strengths is essential. Don’t force yourself onto a platform if it doesn’t match your natural creative flow.
    What benefits do you want from this journey? Do you want to attract buyers for your course or digital product?  a collaboration contract with brands? A large base of fans? A profitable, small community of like-minded people who are also passionate about the same topic?
    Where do your people hang out? Do you want comments, live chat, forums, or a more direct connection?
    How tech-savvy am I? Some platforms require minimal setup, others (like self-hosted sites) demand more technical knowledge. Some platforms favor content with impressive visuals, while others allow you to gain traction with simpler ideas and formats.

    The Best Platforms for Your Niche

    Finding the perfect platform for your content is like finding the right pair of shoes – comfort, fit, and style are key for achieving those big creator goals! Each platform offers different paths to monetization, with varying timelines and income potential. Let’s dive in and find the best fit for your creative style and financial aspirations.

    Short-form videos

    If you’ve got a knack for snappy edits, eye-catching visuals, and keeping up with trends, then short-form video is your playground. With the potential for viral hits, you could see income within weeks or months, though the amount can vary wildly from a few hundred to millions for top stars. And here are the top 3 platforms for short-form content:
    1. TikTok: The undisputed champion of viral short-form video. Its algorithm favors creativity, making it possible for new creators to gain millions of views overnight.
    2. Instagram Reels: Leverages Instagram’s huge audience and offers robust editing tools for creating visually appealing, trend-driven videos.
    3. YouTube Shorts: Taps into YouTube’s existing viewership and offers the potential to funnel viewers to your long-form content, building a loyal following.

    Long-form videos

    Whether you’re a master storyteller, an in-depth educator, or a hilarious reviewer, long-form video lets you dive deep and connect with a dedicated audience. Monetization typically takes longer (maybe a year or more), but consistent creators can build significant income streams. These are the 3 long-form powerhouses:
    1. YouTube: The king of long-form video, with established monetization options through ads, memberships, and merchandise sales. Ideal for in-depth content.
    2. Vimeo (for high-quality, ad-free content): A premium platform focused on high-quality, ad-free video content. Great for creators focused on a beautiful viewing experience and attracting a discerning audience.
    3. Twitch ( live streaming, gaming):  The go-to platform for live streaming, especially gaming content. Offers monetization through subscriptions, donations, and brand partnerships.

    Photos/ Aesthetics

    A picture is worth a thousand words, and if you’re a visual storyteller, the right photo platforms can help you share your unique perspective with the world. Monetization often ties to sponsored content, collaborations, and selling prints or presets, taking time to build, with income potential depends on your niche and following. Check out these top 3 image-focused platforms:
    1. Instagram: Meta’s visual powerhouse, offering high engagement and potential reach for fashion, travel, and lifestyle conten
    2. Pinterest: The place for evergreen, inspiring images. Ideal for DIY, recipes, and content that has a long lifespan due to its search-focused nature.
    3. Flickr (for high-resolution photography communities): A dedicated photography community platform known for high-quality images and constructive feedback. Perfect for honing your skills and networking with other photographers.


    Got a captivating voice and a passion for conversation? Podcasting lets you build a loyal community of listeners drawn to your insights and personality. It might take some months to grow your audience, but sponsorships and memberships can lead to substantial earnings. The top  podcast hubs are:
    1. Spotify:  The dominant podcast platform with wide reach and growing monetization options for creators.
    2. Apple Podcasts: Essential for discoverability and appealing to the dedicated Apple user base.


    If the written word is your weapon of choice, blogging gives you the space to build a knowledge base, share your expertise, and master the art of SEO. Monetization takes time, with a focus on affiliate marketing, ads, and SEO, but the earning potential can be significant. Start with these top blogging platforms:
    1. Substack: A streamlined platform for building a paid newsletter and cultivating a direct relationship with your readership. Ideal for writers focusing on monetization.
    2. Medium: Offers built-in audience potential and a user-friendly interface. Great for starting out and building writing credentials. Limited monetization options on the platform itself.

    Short text and sharing ideas:

    For witty observations, thought-provoking questions, and sparking online discussions, these platforms are perfect for niche experts and conversationalists. Income is often indirect, tied to building your reputation and potential freelance or consulting work. Engage with like-minded folks on these top 3 platforms:
    1. Twitter: The platform for short, impactful text updates, sharing trending news, and engaging with other thought leaders.
    2. LinkedIn: The professional networking hub. Perfect for sharing industry insights, career advice, and building your personal brand.
    3. Reddit (for niche-specific discussions): Home to countless niche communities (subreddits) where you can engage in focused discussions and share your expertise. Indirect monetization potential.

    Monetizing Communities

    When building a tight-knit community is your superpower, dedicated community platforms let you foster genuine connections and earn directly from your most passionate fans. Monetization can be quicker than ad-reliant platforms, with high earning potential through memberships and courses. Build your loyal following on these top 3 platforms:
    1. Mighty Networks: Robust platform specifically designed for building owned communities, offering courses, memberships, live events, and diverse content options.
    2. Discord: Popular for real-time chat, voice channels, and building niche communities. Offers membership tiers and integration with other creator tools.
    3. Circle: Another popular community-focused platform with a sleek interface and features like memberships and event hosting.

    The Bottom Line

    There’s no single “best” platform for everyone. The key is finding the one that aligns with your personality, content, and goals. Don’t be afraid to experiment on a few until you find your perfect fit! Keep in mind that each platform has its own formatting preferences for content, so if you cross-promote your content to increase engagement, you’ll have to adjust them a little bit to match with the audience’s needs.
    The most important thing is to start! Commit to consistent creation, be willing to learn and adapt, and never stop honing your craft. With dedication, the possibilities are truly limitless. If you want more tips and insights to optimize your content creation, subscribe to our Youtube and listen to more discussions with best creators or follow us on Linkedin and Facebook for updates, resources, and inspiration.

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