Top 4 Timeless Content Formulas to Get Viral in 2024


    In the fast-changing landscape of digital marketing, it can be easy to get caught up in the latest trends or algorithm updates. However, some core content formulas have proven their effectiveness time and time again. Here are four classic formulas that continue to be hot in 2024 and how to best leverage them.

    AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action)

    A 3D realistic landscape image of a content creator performing an upside-down dance move in front of a camera, catching attention dramatically. The scene captures the dynamic motion with the dancer’s legs in the air and hands on the ground, showing agility and excitement. The background and lighting are designed with vibrant purple and pink colors, enhancing the energetic and artistic atmosphere of the performance. This image conveys the creativity and physical expression involved in creating engaging content.

    This age-old model focuses on grabbing attention, building interest, creating desire for your product or offering, and ultimately prompting the reader to take action.

    • Attention (Grab Them): Craft headlines that are intriguing, surprising, or benefit-driven. 
    • Interest (Hook Them): Start with a relatable problem or address a common pain point your audience faces. “Feeling overwhelmed by a cluttered inbox? You’re not alone. “
    • Desire (Highlight the benefits): Show how your solution makes their lives easier or better. Example: “Stop wasting time sorting emails and focus on what matters. Boost productivity and close more deals with automated email campaigns.” (Benefit + Pain Resolved).
    • Action (Tell Them What to Do): Usually people won’t take the next step if you don’t suggest them to, that’s why Call-To-Action (CTA) is ultimately important. Example: “Ready to conquer your inbox? Download our free guide to email marketing automation today!” (Clear CTA + Incentive).

    HLD (Hook, Lead, Deliver)

    A 3D realistic landscape image showing a close-up of a female content creator's face as she thinks deeply about a creative hook for her project. Her expression is focused and contemplative, with her eyes looking slightly upwards as if visualizing her ideas. Above her head, a translucent thought bubble is visible, symbolically containing an image of a hook, representing her creative process. The background and her features are bathed in soft purple and pink lighting, adding a thoughtful and imaginative atmosphere to the scene.

    The HLD format starts with a strong hook, delivers on that hook’s promise in the lead, and provides genuine value to the reader throughout.

    • Hook (Intrigue Them): Start strong, Use statistics, surprising facts, relatable stories, or eye-catching visuals. Example: “Did you know 80% of website visitors abandon their carts?”
    • Lead (Expand on the Hook): Explain why the topic is important and relevant to the reader. Example: “**Abandoned carts are a major pain point for online businesses.”
    • Deliver (Provide Value): Offer insightful content with actionable tips or valuable information. Example: “Here, we’ll delve into the psychology behind cart abandonment… Provide data-driven insights on common reasons for abandonment, and provide actionable strategies to win back those lost customers…” (Delivers on Promise with Specific Examples).

    PAS (Pain, Agitation, Solution)

    A 3D realistic landscape image featuring two people in a dynamic workplace setting. On the left, one person appears overwhelmed and struggling with a heavy workload, surrounded by papers and a cluttered desk. On the right, the other person is opening a glowing box, symbolizing a 'lightbulb' moment or solution, with a look of realization and relief on their face. The box emits a bright light, casting illuminating effects on the surrounding area. The entire scene is colored in shades of purple and pink, adding a creative and slightly surreal atmosphere to the setting.

    This formula centers around a deep understanding of your audience. Identify a pain point, agitate it by emphasizing the consequences, and then offer a concrete solution.

    • Pain (Identify the Problem): Research and try your best to understand the challenges your target audience faces. Example: “Struggling to keep up with social media trends?”
    • Agitation (Amplify the Pain): Emphasize the consequences, explain how the pain point might negatively impact them. Example: “**Falling behind on social media can mean missed business opportunities and a decline in customer engagement. Not to mention the stress of trying to stay on top of it all…” (Emphasize Consequences + Emotional Impact).
    • Solution (Offer the Answer): Present your product or service as the clear resolution to their problems. Example: “Introducing our all-in-one social media management tool! Effortlessly update related trends, track analytics, and engage your audience across all platforms. Stop feeling overwhelmed and start thriving on social media…” (Present Solution + Highlight Benefits).

    BAB (Before, After, Bridge)

    A 3D realistic landscape image depicting a 'before and after' scene of a male content creator. On the left ('before'), he appears confused and overwhelmed, with disheveled hair and a cluttered workspace, his body language showing frustration. On the right ('after'), he is thriving, portrayed with a confident smile, neat appearance, and a clean, organized desk. Both halves are unified by a background that transitions from a darker shade of purple (representing confusion) to a bright and vibrant pink (symbolizing success and clarity). The image captures the transformation in his creative journey, showing half of his body in each state.

    The Formula: Show the reader the undesirable “before” state, the desirable “after” state, and present your solution as the bridge between them.

    • Before: Describe the reader’s current situation and the challenges they face. Example:“Picture this… You’re constantly swamped. Deadlines loom, emails pile up, and you just feel like you’re drowning in tasks.”
    • After: Paint a picture of the ideal outcome, the positive situation they desire. Example: “**Now, imagine it again… You wake up with a clear plan. Your most urgent tasks are prioritized. You breeze through your workday with focus and a genuine sense of accomplishment.”
    • Bridge: Present your offering as the solution that bridges the gap between the Before and After states. Example: “And guess what? Our software is the bridge that gets you there. It’s the tool that will transform your relationship with time, putting you in the driver’s seat.”

    Why These Formulas Still Work

    These formulas are grounded in human psychology. They tap into our emotions, decision-making processes, and desire for solutions. While platforms and trends evolve, the fundamentals of persuasion stay constant. In the noisy digital marketplace, it’s the timeless and effective approaches that allow content to cut through.

    These timeless formulas are powerful tools, but staying ahead of the curve requires ongoing learning. The content creation landscape is constantly evolving! If you don’t want to get left behind, subscribe to our YouTube channel for expert guidance and cutting-edge strategies and sign up for our newsletter to receive the latest trends delivered fresh to your inbox.

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