How to Find Trending Sounds for Your Instagram Reels


    Want your Instagram Reels to grab attention and make people stop scrolling? One of the secret ingredient is finding those catchy sounds that make your content sizzle! But with trends changing faster than you can say “viral,” how do you keep up and find those epic tunes that fit your style? Let’s dive into some insider tips to help you discover the coolest sounds and inspiration for your next viral-worthy Reel. In this article, we’ll cover some some tried-and-tested methods from creators to find trending audio, so let’s dive in!

    Creators Copilot’s Trends Blog

    Want a super convenient way to stay on top of trends? Another way is by bookmarking the Creators Copilot Trends Blog! We do the heavy lifting for you, so you don’t have to spend hours searching for trending Reels inspiration.
    At the beginning of every month, our team of social media experts updates the blog with the hottest content creation trends. Plus, they give you awesome ideas on how to make those trends work for your specific niche.

    Grab It From Your Niche Trendsetters

    Pay close attention to Reels created by top influencers in your niche. They often lead the charge in using the latest trending sounds. By observing their content, you’ll gain a valuable perspective on what’s currently popular and resonate well with your target audience. For example, you can notice that fashion influencers love using rap songs for their streetstyle reels or Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj,.. for outfit transitions, styling videos. You might also hear them using viral comedic sound effects or snippets of dialogue that relate to fashion for a humorous touch.
    When observing what top influencers use, don’t just copy them. Look for inspiration in how they’ve creatively adapted a trending sound to fit their own content style.


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    Follow Accounts Dedicated to Viral Sounds

    Some creators on Instagram have made it their mission to curate and showcase the latest trending sounds, they may mix them together to create a new version that’s more vibing for Reels and Tiktok. Think of them as your personal trendspotters! Not just their mix, but also the song name in their reels. Some popular ones we usually visit for trending sounds are @altego_music, @itsjovynn, @northernelg, @brettwolkey


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    Instagram’s Creator Account

    Instagram understands the power of trends and offers a dedicated Creator Account (@creators) for discovering new inspiration. This account is a goldmine for trend-conscious creators. They publish weekly trend reports with valuable tips, algorithm insights, and up-and-coming sounds that could be your Reel’s next big hit. If you aren’t already following the @Creators account, you’re missing out on some cool opportunities for your next viral reel. Do yourself a favor and give them a follow!

    TikTok’s Creative Center

    TikTok is a hotbed for viral trends, and the sounds that take off there often become the next big thing on Instagram Reels. The Creative Center’s “Top Songs” section gives you a direct look at what’s currently hot on TikTok. Get ahead of the curve by checking this regularly – you might just find that perfect sound before it hits Instagram.
    Visit the Tiktok Creative Center and head to Trends -> Songs section. Choose your target audience’s country in “Browse what’s trending now in [Country]” and you’ll find a frequently updated list of the hottest audio tracks on the platform.

    Check Spotify Playlists

    Spotify can be a treasure trove for discovering trending Instagram audio. Many dedicated creators curate playlists on Spotify specifically focused on the hottest tracks currently blowing up on Reels. Here’s how to tap into this:
    1. Search: On Spotify, search for phrases like “Instagram trending sounds” or “Viral Reels audio.” Filter your results to show only “Playlists.”
    2. Explore: Browse the playlists and take note of songs that catch your attention.
    3. Verify: Once you’ve got a few potential tracks, head over to Instagram and search for them directly in the Reels audio library. If you see the trending arrow next to the song, you’ve got a winner!

    It’s Not Just The Sound

    Get in there early and put your own creative spin on the trend! It’s not just about the sound but it’s also your unique spin on trending sounds to stand out. For the best chance of going viral, hop onto trends while they’re fresh! Here’s a trick: Look for trending audio with less than 2000 Reels attached, or even better, less than 1000. You can find this by scrolling through reels, tap on the audio of any that catch your attention and seeing if there’s a trending arrow. If that trending sound has fewer than 1000 Reels using it, you might be onto a winner.
    By harnessing these tactics, you’ll equip yourself with the tools to consistently find trending sounds that will elevate your Instagram Reels game. Get creative, experiment, and have fun along the way! With the strategies we’ve outlined, you’re well-equipped to become a trend-spotting pro! Did you find this article helpful? Let us know in the comments and share it with other creators who could use a boost.
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