Creator Trends #2: All in One AI for Tasks, First AI Music Video, and Darth Vader in a Renaissance Portrait


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    This Week’s Lineup

    • 📖 Articles of the Week
    • 🛠️ AI Tool of the Week
    • 🤖 GPT of the Week
    • 🎧 Creators Copilot Podcast
    • 🔍 AI in the News
    • 💡 Weekly Creative AI Challenge
    • ✍🏻 Prompt of the Week
    • 🎨 AI Art of the Week
    • 📈 Short Form Trends
    • 📊 Did You Know?
    • 🎁 Exclusive Freebies

    📖 Articles of the Week

    Inflection AI’s chatbot Pi surpasses 1 million daily active users. Pi is an emotionally intelligent chatbot that can be used for mental health support.

    This Microsoft-backed AI powerhouse announced a major upgrade to their core AI technology. This new and improved system, called Inflection-2.5, is ready to go rival with industry giants like OpenAI’s GPT-4 and Google’s Gemini.

    in your pocket

    🛠️ AI Tool of the Week

    Taskade AI

    My old setup – Notion, Trello, ChatGPT, Slack – was well-intentioned, but it became a productivity black hole. It wasn’t just the tool-switching that bogged me down; it was the mental overhead of trying to remember which tool held what information. The context switching was brutal!

    Enter Taskade . It’s honestly the closest I’ve come to that “one tool to rule them all” dream for my solopreneur life. Here’s why it’s been such a game-changer:

    • Goodbye context switching: Switching between tasks and projects on different platforms used to throw off my focus completely. Taskade’s flexible views mean I can jump between a task list for one project to a brain dump mind map for another without losing my train of thought.
    • AI agents as my always-available team: I’ve set up AI agents that feel like specialized assistants. One tackles my marketing copy, generating ideas and variations with the right tone of voice. Another acts as my brainstorming buddy, helping me flesh out content ideas. And I even have one trained on my target audience, challenging my assumptions and keeping my work relatable.
    • Mind maps that untangle my brain: Mind maps are my new jam! They’ve replaced my sprawling Notion docs. Instead of getting lost in notes, a project starts with a visual map. I can see the big picture, assign tasks (to myself or collaborators), and even ask the AI to expand on sections that need more detail.
    • Automations that feel like magic: Taskade’s AI-powered automations are surprisingly easy to set up. It’s not the level of customization you’d find in a dedicated tool like Zapier, but they get the job done. My favorite? When I finish a piece of content, it pings my social media workspace, creating a draft post with the relevant links already included.

    Honestly, Taskade feels like the tool I wished I’d built myself. It’s replacing a whole suite of others, yet the integration is smooth. That’s the thing my video ideation & creation AI tool VidPilot taught me – creators want convenience, to focus on their work, not on tool juggling. Taskade offers that. It may not have every advanced feature each of those old tools did individually, but for my solopreneur needs, it’s more than enough, and the all-in-one workflow is worth its weight in gold!

    Practical Use Case: How I Used Taskade to Revamp Creators Copilot’s Website Offerings

    Recently, I tackled overhauling the way we present our products on the Creators Copilot website. It was a bit messy, so I turned to Taskade to bring some order to the chaos. Here’s what I did:

    1- Mind Mapping the Mess

    • Dumped the old structure: I started with a mind map, throwing in all the existing offerings, their features, and their pricing. It wasn’t pretty, but it helped visualize the problem areas.
    • AI to the rescue: I asked Taskade’s AI agent to suggest ways to simplify our tiers. It offered some surprisingly helpful ideas, forcing me to rethink what was truly essential.

    2- Building the New Structure

    • Clean slate: I created a new branch on the map called “Ideal Offerings.” This is where I envisioned the perfect product breakdown.
    • Tier brainstorming: Using Taskade’s AI prompts, I brainstormed different pricing tiers and potential bundle options.
    • Collaboration: I invited my CMO into the workspace and used comments to discuss the best ways to phrase the benefits of each tier.

    3 – From Plan to Action

    • Task breakdown: Each section of the map became a task – “Write copy for Basic Tier,” “Design pricing table graphic,” etc. I assigned these with deadlines to myself and the team.
    • Design handoff: Taskade’s export feature let me give our web designer a well-organized outline instead of my usual cryptic notes.

    4- It’s Not Over

    • Tracking updates: We’ll use Taskade as our central hub for tracking how the new offerings perform. I’ve set reminders to analyze sales data and update the website copy as needed.
    • Automation potential: I’m still exploring Taskade’s automations but might set one up to alert me when we get close to feature limits on certain tiers, prompting me to adjust plans accordingly.

    Are you ready to supercahrge your workflow like I did ? Get Taskade here!

    🤖 GPT of the Week

    ChaGPT Classic on GPT Store

    This ‘Hidden’ ChatGPT Version is a Speed Demon (and It’s From OpenAI!)

    If you love the power of GPT-4 but miss the lightning-fast responses of the early days, you’re not alone. OpenAI actually offers a streamlined version called ChatGPT Classic, and it’s a hidden gem for anyone who wants a focused, text-based AI experience. Don’t confuse this with the older ChatGPT 3.5 – Classic is still powered by GPT-4, just without the bells and whistles.

    Why Classic? It Cuts Through the Noise

    While features like browsing and file uploads sound amazing in theory, I often find them clunky and prone to slowing down responses. ChatGPT Classic strips all that away. It’s purely about text generation – ask a question, get an answer, no distractions.

    This laser-focus is fantastic when you need quick inspiration, want to refine your writing, or just brainstorm without the processing lag of the newer models. Think of it like a productivity booster for your thought process.

    Give it a Spin & See the Difference

    If you crave the original speed and directness of GPT-4, ChatGPT Classic is worth a try. Sometimes, the original recipe is the best!

    Find it here:

    🎧 Creators Copilot Podcast

    Branding Your Linkedin Profile for Success with Michele Ross, Job Search Coach – We’re celebrating our first month on LinkedIn with a super helpful podcast episode! We chatted with Michele Ross about branding your LinkedIn profile – get ready to upgrade your presence. Let us know your biggest takeaways in the comments!

    🔍 AI in the News

    A curated list of AI News you might have missed last week:

    • AI Music Video Revolution Check out the first music video created using OpenAI’s unreleased Sora model!
    • Claude Teams and iOS App: Anthropic launched its first mobile app of its flagship Claude AI assistant to iOS devices. Teams plan provides enterprise customers with increased usage limits.
    • Amazon Q – Your AI App Builder: Amazon’s AI assistant designed to generate apps is now in general availability. Could this revolutionize how businesses and hobbyists create software?
    • HubSpot’s New AI Suite: Marketing and customer service teams get a productivity boost with HubSpot’s newly released AI toolkit.
    • ChatGPT gets memory: OpenAI introduced a memory feature of ChatGPT Plus to most subscribers, allowing the chatbot to remember details from past conversations.

    💡 Weekly Creative AI Challenge

    ⚡️ The AI Style Fusion Challenge ⚡️

    This week, let’s explore the incredible potential of mixing artistic styles with AI image generators. Can you create a unique, niche aesthetic that feels completely fresh?

    Ideas to Get You Started:

    • Historical Mashup: Blend Renaissance portraiture with pixel art, or combine abstract expressionism with Japanese woodblock prints.
    • Mood Mixology: Generate an image in a joyful, vibrant style, then reimagine it with a dark, noir filter. See how the emotion transforms.
    • The Unexpected Medium: Imagine your style fusion as a stained glass window, a woven tapestry, or a ceramic mosaic. Use AI to make it real!
    • Niche Inspiration: Pick a specific subculture (steampunk, cyberpunk), a historical period (Art Deco), or even a favorite video game’s aesthetic. Blend it with opposing styles for a surprising twist.

    Remember: The goal is to create new visual languages, not just interesting images. Push beyond obvious combinations and find the unexpected!

    Submit your most innovative style fusions to with subject line [ Weekly Creative AI Challenge ] by May 12th, for a chance to be featured.

    Check the AI Art of the Week below for a bonus of 3 examples . Let’s see how you redefine visuals with AI!

    ✍🏻 Prompt of the Week

    Automatic Prompt Engineering : Use AI to prompt AI

    Wrestling with prompts to get the most out of your AI assistant? Wishing it could practically write them for you? There’s an answer!

    Harness the power of Automatic Prompt Engineering (APE) with your favorite AI text generator – like ChatGPT, Claude, or Gemini. This potent combination will transform you into a prompt-crafting pro! 🚀

    Why Your AI is Your Prompt Partner

    • Beat the Block: AI helps translate your initial ideas into potent prompts, banishing writer’s block for good. ✨
    • Spark of Inspiration: Need a fresh angle? AI can suggest unexpected twists and creative angles. 💡
    • Quality Control: Ensure accuracy and polish – AI helps refine your prompts for optimal results. 🎯
    • Creative Flair: AI can add a dash of flair for truly memorable and descriptive prompts.💥
    • Error-Free Excellence: AI helps catch typos and inconsistencies, keeping your prompts crystal clear. 👌

    Unlocking Your AI’s Prompting Potential

    Here’s how to use your AI [ Any Text Generator ] to supercharge your prompts:

    • Prompt Generation: Stuck for ideas? Ask AI to generate prompts directly. (e.g., “Generate five prompts for a blog post about the future of AI in education.”)
    • Direct Request with Templates: Need a detailed itinerary? Use a template like, “As a travel expert, how would you plan a culturally immersive week in Japan for a first-time visitor?”
    • Refine Your Prompts: Transform lackluster prompts. Ask AI to make them more engaging and specific. (e.g., “Can you improve this prompt: ‘Write about the history of bicycles’?”)
    • Style Swap: Change the tone or style of your prompts to match your desired output. Start with, “Describe a sunset,” and ask AI, “Can you rewrite this prompt to emphasize the emotional impact of watching a sunset alone?”
    • The ‘What If?’ Wonderland: Start with a quirky idea like, “A picture of a cat wearing a detective hat,” and challenge AI, “Generate several creative prompts for a children’s story based on this image.”

    Tips for Prompting Pros

    • Experiment & Explore: Play with AI suggestions to refine your prompts.
    • Add Your Touch: Personalization adds the magic touch!
    • Break It Down: Use “prompt chaining” to turn complex tasks into smaller, manageable steps.

    Common Mistakes to Avoid

    • Clarity is King: Avoid overly complicated prompts. Keep it simple for best results.
    • Feedback Loop: Analyze the AI’s responses to learn and improve your own prompt-writing skills.

    AI: Your Prompting Powerhouse

    Think of APE as the magic wand that unlocks ideas and brings your vision to life. With your AI assistant by your side, you’ll be creating prompts that consistently yield exceptional results.

    🎨 AI Art of the Week

    Our AI Art of this week is based on the Weekly Challenge “The AI Style Fusion” by mixing artistic styles to create unique and fresh imagery.

    Tool: Copilot Designer

    Prompt [ Historical Mashup ]: “Darth Vader reimagined as a Venetian nobleman in a Renaissance portrait. Retain his iconic helmet and armor, but embellish with rich velvet cloaks, jewels, and intricate lace details.”

    I’m not your father !

    Prompt [ Unexpected Medium ]: “A vibrant underwater scene depicted as a ceramic mosaic. Imagine swirling schools of fish in shimmering blue and green tiles, coral reefs bursting with color, and textured sea creatures like starfish.”

    going left or right ?

    Prompt [ Mood Mixology ]: “Reimagine a mundane coffee mug as the star of a hilarious scene. The mug could be overflowing with popcorn, wearing a pair of sunglasses, or perched atop a stack of books like a tiny king. Introduce playful colors, cartoonish elements, or unexpected details to spark a sense of absurdity and lighthearted fun.”

    mug and chill !

    📈 Short Form Trends

    🎵 This week’s Trending Tunes are here! Get ready to add some fresh beats to your next video creation with…

    ☔️ It’s Raining Trends! : Social media managers and creators, take the chance to feel seen! Use the song “It’s Raining Men” to show off those endless edits and late-night content struggles. This is what it feels like to be a creator.

    📊 Did You Know?

    AI sentiment analysis, also known as opinion mining or emotion AI, is a method of analyzing text or images that can determine the emotional tone of a message.

    You can even do it for video and get feedback on the overall mood and vibe. You can try it with:

    or is it ?

    🎁 Exclusive Freebies

    The AI Workflow for Video Content– grab our exclusive Guide and give your content creation a serious boost!

    Get your free copy here, we also appreciate any support:

    ✨ Catch You Next Week!

    Thanks for joining us this week! We hope you found something to spark your creativity and drive your projects forward. Don’t forget to check out for more tools, tips, and tidbits. See you next week with more fresh content!

    If you’re still feeling a bit lost on any of these topics, drop us a question in the comments or email us at Let us know what you want to dive deeper into next week! See you then with more fresh content!

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