Creator Trends #1: Llama 3 Buzz, AI Cute Art, and Essential SEO Tools


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    This Week’s Lineup

    • 📖 Articles of the Week
    • 🛠️ AI Tool of the Week
    • 🤖 GPT of the Week
    • 🎧 Creators Copilot Podcast
    • 🔍 AI in the News
    • 💡 Weekly Creative AI Challenge
    • ✍🏻 Prompt of the Week
    • 🎨 AI Art of the Week
    • 📈 Short Form Trends
    • 📊 Did You Know?


    📖 Articles of the Week

    Top 10 AI Tools Creators Need For Better SEO – Tired of your awesome creations getting lost in the internet void? It’s time to boost your SEO game! We’ve rounded up the top 10 AI tools to help your work shine in those search results.

    According to HubSpot, social media posts are the most popular type of AI-generated content in marketing with 58% of marketers utilize AI from generating ideas, giving catchy headlines to scheduling content and understanding their ever-changing audience. Product descriptions (50%) and Emails (43%) are also high on the list – no surprise!

    🛠️ AI Tool of the Week

    Meta’s new open-source language model Llama 3 is turning heads! Here’s the buzz:

    • Impressive Performance: This compact model outperforms larger rivals, making it super versatile and cost-effective to run.
    • Open-Source Power: Easy access could foster an explosion of custom AI applications tailored to your needs.
    • Data is Key: Meta’s focus on high-quality datasets might be their real strategic advantage.
    • The Business Angle: Look for the companies who make it easy to deploy and manage tools like Llama 3 – they could be the big winners.

    What This Means for You

    • Smaller Businesses Level Up: Access powerful AI for chatbots, content creation, and more.
    • Unlock Your Data’s Potential: Businesses with unique datasets can train specialized AI models.
    • New Opportunities Ahead: The next big startup could be the one that simplifies using LLMs for everyone.

    Want to try it? Check out Meta’s website and see what Llama 3 can do!

    🤖 GPT of the Week

    Tool Name: ContentCraft AI

    What It Does: ContentCraft AI is your go-to digital assistant for marketing and content creation. This powerful tool uses advanced GPT technology to generate engaging copy, design graphics, and even strategize content plans tailored to your brand’s voice and audience. Whether you need captivating blog posts, social media content, or creative graphics, ContentCraft AI streamlines the process, ensuring your content stands out.

    Why You’ll Love It: With ContentCraft AI, you can rapidly produce high-quality content that resonates with your target audience, enhancing your brand’s presence and engagement. It’s like having an entire marketing and design team at your fingertips, but faster and more cost-effective!

    Enhance your marketing and design efforts by integrating ContentCraft AI into your workflow. Discover the transformative impact it can have on your content strategy today! Check it out here.

    🎧 Creators Copilot Podcast

    The importance of Personal Branding with Wes Jackson – This podcast with Wes Jackson, CEO of Omega Digital is a must-listen for creators. We’re dissecting personal branding, content strategies, design tips, and goal-setting for success.

    🔍 AI in the News

    • Meta’s AI Integration Across Apps: Meta is making a significant push in AI by deploying AI-powered smart assistants across its suite of apps. These assistants will aid users in completing tasks and obtaining recommendations.
    • Adobe Premiere Pro Enhancements: Adobe is enhancing Premiere Pro with generative AI video tools that might include OpenAI’s Sora. These tools will allow users to generate and manipulate video content through text prompts and extend video clips.
    • Slack’s AI Rollout: Slack has introduced AI tools for all its paying customers, which include features like thread summaries and conversational search. Future updates may include integrations with third-party apps.
    • Amazon Music’s Maestro: Amazon Music has launched an AI feature called Maestro that lets users create playlists with text prompts, including the use of emojis, enhancing user interaction and sharing capabilities.
    • Snap’s Transparency Initiative: Snap is planning to add watermarks to images generated with its AI tools. These will include a translucent version of its logo with a sparkle emoji to ensure transparency and deter watermark removal.
    • Adobe’s AI PDF Assistant: Adobe has released an AI assistant for reading PDFs, priced at $4.99/month. This tool is designed to efficiently extract data from PDFs, simplifying time-consuming tasks. There is also a free trial available.

    💡 Weekly Creative AI Challenge

    ⚡️ The AI Crossover ⚡️

    Push the boundaries of AI creativity! Blend different AI tools to make something entirely new. Here are some ideas to get you started:

    • Text + Image:
      • Describe a dream, have an image generator visualize it.
      • Write a poem, then turn it into an abstract image.
    • Image + Sound:
      • Generate an image, then create a soundtrack based on its mood.
      • Turn a famous painting into a soundscape using AI tools.
    • Text + Sound:
      • Write a script, use AI voices to act it out, then add an AI-generated score.

    Remember: Experiment, chain tools together, and add your own creative touch to the results! Submit your unique creations by [date] for a chance to be featured. Let’s see what amazing things happen when AI collaborates with itself!

    ✍🏻 Prompt of the Week

    The precision of an AI prompt is crucial in determining the effectiveness and relevance of its output. Here is an example demonstrating how a well-crafted, detailed prompt can yield far more structured and useful outcomes, particularly when used for task management in a professional setting.

    Scenario: Task Delegation in Project Management

    Project managers often need to delegate tasks efficiently, ensuring that each team member understands their responsibilities clearly. A vague prompt might lead to confusion and mismanagement, whereas a structured prompt ensures clarity and specificity.

    Basic Prompt Example:

    • “Help me assign tasks for the project.”

    Structured Prompt Example:

    • “As a project manager overseeing a web development project, I need to delegate tasks to my team for the next sprint. Please create a detailed task list that includes:
      • Task names, detailed descriptions, and the objectives they aim to achieve.
      • The team member assigned to each task.
      • Estimated time to completion and deadlines.
      • Any dependencies linked to other tasks.
      • Prioritize tasks based on their criticality and impact on the project timeline.
    • Format the task list in a clear, easy-to-follow table.”

    Additional Context:

    • Specifying the project type (web development) and the work phase (next sprint) helps tailor the AI’s output to fit the specific needs and timeline.
    • Requesting a table format ensures that the output is organized in a manner that is immediately practical and easy to communicate to the team.


    • Enhanced Clarity: Each team member receives precise, actionable instructions, reducing ambiguity.
    • Efficiency Boost: Detailed prompts help in visualizing the project’s workflow, optimizing task distribution and timeline planning.
    • Improved Accountability: Assigning tasks with clear deadlines and dependencies enhances accountability among team members.

    🎨 AI Art of the Week

    Tool: Bing Copilot Designer [ DALLE-3 ]

    Prompt: A cute brain, nestled in a cozy room, bathed in soft purple and pink hues. It sits on a plush cushion, engrossed in a book. The walls are adorned with dreamy illustrations, and a warm lamp casts a gentle glow. Hyper realistic, high resolution.

    📈 Short Form Trends

    Taylor Swift is back at it! Her latest releases with “I Can Do It With A Broken Heart” and “Fortnight” are blowing up. Give ’em a spin and see why everyone’s buzzing.

    “Ma’am, can I see what’s in your bag please?” Time to spill the beans…or rather, the makeup! Use this title to show off your purse essentials in a fun, sassy way. [Audio: Smooth Operator (2011 Remastered) ].

    This “I Like The Way” trend is blowing up, and creatives are owning it! This trend is perfect for showing off your skills, giving insider advice, and maybe even throw in a stylish OOTD. Get in on the fun and let your work speak for itself. ✨ [Audio: I like the way you kiss me – Artemas]


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    📊 Did You Know?

    Mobile users have 8 micro-moments of decision-making all day long. Target those micro-moments with the right content is a complete game changer.

    ✨ Catch You Next Week!

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